The Farmers Behind
the Product

Learn more about the passionate families who work hard to produce premium fresh Ontario lamb.

Ontario sheep farmers take pride in the premium product we make for our customers, friends and neighbours. We are also proud of the great story we must share about environmental sustainability, and our commitment to the land, animals and producing high-quality food and fibre. 

Carrie Woolley

Norfolk County

Carrie manages a pasture-based sheep farm with her husband Brett and his family. They also grow sour cherries, apples, corn and soybeans. Carrie and Brett are passionate about bringing new ideas to their agricultural business and are the busy parents of two young children.

(l to r) Brad, Karen, Colby, Erica and Della

Brad & Karen Davis

Leeds and The Thousand islands

Brad and Karen – along with their children Colby, Erica, and Della – raise 950 ewes on 400 acres of pasture. They use regenerative agricultural practices to ensure a healthy flock and productive land so the next generations of farmers can continue in their success.

(l to r) Jasmin, Jake, Tom, Sam and Brooke

Jake Sloan

Bruce County 

The Sloan Brothers Shearing is a family farm business that includes commercial sheep, purebred breeding stock, cow/calf pairs, and a sheep shearing business. 

(l to r) Nala (the dog), Lyndsey and Chris

Lyndsey Smith and Chris Moore


Chris and Lyndsey run a unique sheep flock. As solar grazers, their sheep are born, live, and graze all summer and fall in a 200-acre solar site. The sheep do all the grass mowing, replacing mechanical mowing and the need for herbicides.

(l to r) Cohen on Quintin’s shoulders and Rachel (expecting Jack).

Quintin, Rachel, Cohen and Jack McEwen

Perth County

The McEwen family operate a purebred Dorset operation specializing in breeding stock and meat lambs. They are passionate about producing the highest quality lamb in the most natural way possible without sacrificing animal welfare. Committed to operating their farm in a regenerative system, they strive to create the perfect on-farm ecosystem.

(l to r) Romy, Adalyn, Cameron, Emerson and Ryan

Ryan and Romy Schill

Wellington Country

Romy and Ryan and their three little helpers are the 4th and 5th generations to work on their family farm. They manage their land in an environmentally sustainable way with no-till, minimum till and crop rotations, and their use of, manure, and fertilizer. They believe that healthy soils = quality crops = quality feeds = healthy sheep.

(l to r) Bob and Laurie

Laurie Maus & Bob Garner

North Glengarry Township

Producers Laurie Maus and Bob Garner operate Hawlk Hill Farm in North Glengarry Township located in eastern Ontario. Together they operate the 100-acre farm which has sheep, horses and poultry.

(l to r) Geneva, Connor, Rosena, Mark, Heather and Delmar (front row)

Mark & Rosena Martin


Mark & Rosena Martin along with their six children operate Mark Martin Dairy Sheep Farm in Drayton Ontario which has been in production since 2012.